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My Story


November 17th, 2011 I was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer, Colon cancer and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Upon coming back to the emergency room from just having a CT scan, I could see the horrible news written on the tear-filled eyes of my wife. Before the doctor could give me the diagnosis I felt the sweet presence of God as He told me that He had this. Immediately I felt the peace of God fill the room where the enemy was hoping to deliver fear and doubt. Of course, there is great concern after hearing the word cancer. However, I had been raised in a spirit filled home where faith abounded. I had a grandfather who was a minister in the Church of God of Prophecy, who had always taught me about the power of the blood of Jesus! This is what I would have to call on over the next several months as we began the fight to hear the words cancer-free.


Soon I would have major surgery by a surgeon chosen by God himself. I say this because as he was leaving the room after telling us about the overwhelming procedure that he was going to complete, he took two steps, stopped and turned toward me and said these words, “can I pray for you”? I said absolutely, and I again heard the voice of my savior say, “I got this”.  Dr. Bradley Auffarth had no idea of the faith that he was building inside of me as he prayed the most amazing heart felt prayer that I could ever imagine.


A few days later I had major surgery to remove two and a half feet of my colon, my appendix, and my spleen which was five times larger than normal. My spleen is where the Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was attacking my body.


My situation was very unusual as the surgeon and cancer doctors would consult with the tumor board, where difficult cases were discussed, to determine how to proceed. Nevertheless, I was not disheartened. Every doctors visit was on a day with a seven, almost every room I waited on the doctor in was room seven. If you don’t understand, seven is God’s number. It means perfect or complete. He was doing a work in me that would teach me to trust Him like never before.


The days of recovery were tough as well as the chemotherapy treatments. All of my hair fell out and weakness filled my body. But God was faithful. He walked with me every single day. On the days that I felt well enough I would take a ride to the mountains over the dirt roads of North Georgia. There I would pray and spend time in God’s presence. On one of those trips God spoke to me about starting a healing ministry where we could teach people to trust God and His word. To believe the truth that it is His will to heal. To stand in the gap with them and weep between the porch and the altar. So, we could bridge the gap for others to receive divine healing. A ministry that could offer hope, encouragement and prayer. An organization where we could minister to the many needs of the patients and their families. Many don’t have the support system that I had, a great church, a Godly heritage and faith filled family of my own, who took amazing care me throughout the entire process.


Our desire is to help families as they face life catastrophes, sickness or disease. We want to offer

more than prayer and encouragement. Our goal is to meet the practical needs of those families and provide support and help in whatever needs that may arise. My desire is to share my experience with individuals, churches, organizations. God used dreams that He gave me in 1988, not only as a calling into the ministry, but to show me how He had spoken and prophesied over my life. He had given me the anointing and power to overcome anything as long as I completely trusted Him. God has spoken over you. He has prophesied awesome things that He will bring to pass in your life, if you learn how to completely trust Him.


Let me encourage you or your church today!!!!

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